Leave the 9-5

Do you want to ditch working 9-5? Always fancied working for yourself remotely?Don’t make like I did and just dream about it for 7 years. Start today! Here are tips based on my own experience, from managing your time, your finances and everything in between.

Tools for Teaching

The tactics and techniques you can use to improve your teaching method are endless. Whether you’re looking for a career change, are a new teacher, or an old one looking for some fresh ideas, here are my practical tips for online teaching. Spoiler alert: there are endless things you can do with one whiteboard.

My Services

Ok, you caught me, I’m an English Nerd. When I’m not teaching English I’m either studying it , reading it or writing it. Whether you require personal or professional help with proof reading, editing or writing content, please get in touch to discuss my pricing and availability. A limited number of slots for private English tutorials via Skype are also available.